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Get ready to witness a groundbreaking power revolution as Newsmy, a leading provider of cutting-edge electronic solutions, takes center stage at the highly anticipated Global Resources Mobile Electronics Hong Kong Expo. From April 18th to 21st, make sure to visit booth 7S24 to experience Newsmy's la


Under the dazzling lights of the Global Resources Mobile Electronics Hong Kong Expo, one booth stands out, attracting a constant stream of visitors. Newsmy's extraordinary power solutions have become the talk of the expo, captivating attendees with their exceptional features. This gathering holds im


Welcome to the Global Resources Mobile Electronics Hong Kong Expo, where the future of power solutions awaits. Join us at booth 2H02 to experience Newsmy's unrivaled power stations


Newsmy lithium manganese iron phosphate energy storage power supply unveiled at the 2023 Hong Kong Global Sources Electronics Exhibition.


In recent years, Newsmy energy storage power supply has continued to cultivate in foreign markets, and its market influence has also been continuously enhanced. As North America is the most important market for energy storage power, Newsmy will go all out to provide North American consumers with the




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