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Global Agents, High ROI

  • Agents by country 
  • Excellent agents can sign long-term contracts
  • Low investment, high return

Support Policies

Video Promotion

  • Product introduction video
  • Scenario application
  • Industry knowledge popularization

Graphic & Text Promotion

  • Highlight recommendation
  • Online/offline advertising material design assistance

Skill Training

  • Industry knowledge training
  • Product training
  • Promotion skill training
  • Industry knowledge training
  • Related trends sharing

Dedicated Support

  • Professional marketing guidance
  • Customized project support
Refunds for sample purchases: This means that if you buy a sample and subsequently place an order, we, as the buyer, will refund the cost of the sample after order placement.
Providing promotional materials such as workwear, tote bags, X-stands, brochures, and color pages to our agents to boost brand awareness and sales
Collaborating with agents to design outdoor advertising
Collaborating with agents to fulfill industry and gift orders

Global Warehousing

Our certificates are exported to 60+ countries, including the USA, Germany, UK, South Africa, Japan, and the Philippines. With a global distribution network and efficient storage, we ensure timely delivery worldwide.

If you would like to learn more, please contact me.

Jeff Lyu​​​​​​​
+86 17608414806



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