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Newsmy energy storage power supply enters the North American market


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    In recent years, Newsmy energy storage power supply has continued to cultivate in foreign markets, and its market influence has also been continuously enhanced. As North America is the most important market for energy storage power, Newsmy will go all out to provide North American consumers with the most convenient and cost-effective portable energy storage products.


      On February 14-16, 2023, the North American Solar Photovoltaic and Energy Storage Global Exhibition kicked off in Long Beach, USA. The scale of this exhibition is larger than before, and the invited exhibitors are all relatively well-known and powerful enterprises in this industry. Fortunately, Newsmy is also one of the invited exhibitors. This marks Newsmy's official start to enter the North American market. In order to bring customers a good product experience at this exhibition, the company has worked hard on product development and design.


    In terms of products, the company has prepared 100wh-3000wh series of portable energy storage power supplies. The appearance and texture of the product were unanimously praised by the exhibitors at the exhibition. Everyone thinks that Newsmy portable energy storage power supply is the best among the products in the same segment.


     Why Newsmy's products are so praised by customers? First of all, we have made great efforts in research and development, not only adopting aluminum alloy metal shell, VA material LED display screen, plastic and metal double battery bracket, but also ensuring product safety first, and more in line with the consumer aesthetics of the North American market. At the same time, the latest manganese iron phosphate lithium battery is adopted, which makes the product extremely cost-effective, and the overall performance of the product is extremely excellent.   


     Lithium manganese iron phosphate batteries have higher safety considerations. It is a product that combines the advantages of LiFePO4 and ternary batteries. While ensuring the cycle life of the batteries, it can also better withstand high and low temperatures. Whether it is cold regions or American desert regions, Newsmy portable power storage is very suitable. At present, Newsmy’s new products S1600, S2400, and S3000 can be charged to 100% in about 1 hour, which greatly improves our charging and discharging time and solves the problem of time-consuming charging process.


    Next, Newsmy's energy storage power products will be further cultivated in the North American market, and online entities will be deployed in two directions at the same time. We firmly believe that with the deepening of the company's strategic layout, Newsmy's products will surely establish a broad market here.




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