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Newsmy LMFP portable power station unveiled in 2023 HK Global Sources Electronics Fair


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After three years, we came back. This is the heartfelt emotion expressed by many exhibitors after arriving at the Hong Kong exhibition hall. In the past three years, affected by the epidemic, we hardly participated in the exhibition here, which we have been looking forward to for a long time. We are in the same mood, it’s just that we have different missions.


In the 2023 HK Global Sources Electronics Fair, Newsmy full series of portable power station was displayed in the exhibition hall. During the exhibition, our products attracted great interest from a large number of foreign customers and domestic customers. In particular, our new S series LMFP battery portable power station products. This is a further step for our product globalization strategic layout plan.


Newsmy first launched LMFP portable power station in the industry, which is the result of repeated technical demonstration by Newsmy for many years. From the initial entry into the North American market to now fully put into the market, in just a few months, our products have received a strong response from the market. Many companies are willing to sign order contracts to cooperate with us after seeing our products.This time LMFP portable power station was displayed in the HK exhibition again, and the market response was enthusiastic. This makes us see the market prospect of LMFP portable power station and more firmly believe in our company’s forward-looking market layout.


We firmly believe that with the continuous introduction of our company’s LMFP portable power station to the market, the products will gain more reputation and continuously expand the market influence. The LMFP portable power station will also set off a huge wave in the whole market and industry, and finally realize the strategic layout of the globalization of our products. Road ahead is long and hard. Do not stop, and the future can be expected.




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