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1200W Portable Power Station with 1.5h Fast Charging Inverter Pure Sine Wave 921Wh Emergency Battery Packs AC 110V/220V Portable Station for Emergency

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HIGH PERFORMANCE: Experience impressive charging power with the 6-in-1 solar panel connection cable that offers MC4 to DC7909, DC5521, DC6530, DC35135, Anderson, and XT60 connectors. It is compatible with a variety of devices, allowing versatile charging.

COMPACT AND PORTABLE DESIGN: Enjoy convenient portability with a foldable design that measures only 450 x 470 x 55 mm when folded and weighs a mere 2.8kg. Ideal for easy use on the go.

EXTENDED SOLAR ENERGY CAPTURE RANGE: Harness the full power of the sun to maximize solar energy capture range and increase charging efficiency.

ADJUSTABLE ANGLE: Enhance solar energy absorption with three adjustable supports that provide stability and flexibility to adjust the angle individually. Adapt to different terrains to ensure efficient energy production during outdoor activities.

INNOVATIVE MATERIALS: By utilizing advanced materials such as ETFE, EVA, monocrystalline silicon, and a durable backsheet, this solar panel achieves an impressive cell efficiency of 21%. This innovative combination ensures durability and high performance, enabling optimal conversion of solar energy for efficient charging.
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N1200 Specifications:

ModelN1200 (Pure Sine Wave)
Net weight12kg
MaterialFireproof ABS
BatteryRated voltage: 25.6V   50Ah
Battery Capacity :400000mAh
Battery power: 1280Wh
Battery type: LiFePO4
Charging inputDC in:  24V 7.5A     DC6.3*3.0
Type-C  PD100W  5V3A  9V3A 12V3A 15V3A 20V5A
DC input:8.5h                  
PD input:15h                  
DC+PD input:5.5h
solar charge :MPPT 12-25V  (180W max.)
car charge : 12V 5A 60W
USB outputUSB1:QC3.0 / BC1.2 /5V3A 9V2A 12V 1.5A
USB2:QC3.0 / BC1.2 /5V3A 9V2A 12V 1.5A
Type-C 1:PD100W  5V3A  9V3A 12V3A 15V3A 20V5A
Type-C 2:PD18W  QC3.0
DC outputDC5.5*2.1  *2      
                                                Cigarette Lighter Socket*1       12V 10A (MAX)
AC outputVoltage: 220V / 110V
Frequency 50HZ/60HZ can be set manually
AC output*3
Rated power: 1200W
Peak power: 2400W
Display Screenwhite nixie tube display
Display content: percentage  battery,  charging input/output state, power
LED light6W LED light
Red-Yellow warning light
ButtonPower on/off
AC on/off
DC on/off
USB on/off
Lighting:turn on/off the light, adjust brightness, light mode
Fan2*cooling fan
Working temperature-20℃~65℃
Charging temperature0℃~60℃

Customer comment

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5 Portabel, Leistungsfähig und zudem mit ordentlichem Überspannungsschutz, nettes Backup
By  L@rs  On 2023-06-03
Für den diesjährigen Herbst Urlaub haben wir uns um eine weitere Powerstation verstärkt (in Summe nutzen wir mittlerweile 4 Stück). Wichtig war uns hier, dass auch diese mit Solarpanel betrieben werden kann, da die Ladungskapazitäten der kleinen Stationen spätestens nach einem Tag in Nutzung in die Knie gehen.
  • Q1:Why we need a Portable power station ?
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    A portable power station is designedtobe like a backup generator, but it is more smaller quieter and easier to use. It is an ideal solution to power all your essential devices and appliances for home backup or during a trip, outdoor camping such as an cellphone ,laptop , TV, electric grill, coffee maker, refrigerator, and more.
  • Q2:What's the life time for a power station?
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    Newsmy Station is made by LFP EV-CLASS battery with 3000 cycle times ,designed to reliably power your devices everyday for about 5-10 years.
  • Q3:How should we store and maintain the power station ?
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    1. To preserve the battery lifespan, recharge it to 100% after every use.
    2. Turn on Power Saving Mode and turn off all the buttons on power station.
    3. We recommend recharging it 100% every month.
  • Q4:Can this portable power station charged by solar panels?
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    Yes , our power station with outdoor features . Any (12V-28V) solar charger with a DC 7909 male connector can recharge our power station and it will automatically adapt the current for safe and reliable charging.

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