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What is a good LMFP?


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1、Performance issues with LMFP

As an upgraded version of LFP, LMFP inherits the advantages of LFP, such as low cost, high thermal stability, and high safety, and makes up for its shortcomings such as low energy density and poor low temperature stability. However, LMFP also has problems such as poor conductivity, rate performance and cycle performance. The conductivity problem of LMFP is relatively simple, and most companies in the industry have already solved it. The biggest difficulty for LMFP at present is the dual voltage, specific capacity, cycle and Jahn-Teller effect of LMFP, among which the manganese precipitation caused by the Jahn-Teller effect is the biggest difficulty.

2Patent: Lithium iron manganese without general formula compound patent

Lithium manganese has no general formula compound patents, and the patent barrier is lower than that of pharmaceutical compound patents. As of April 2023, the number of LMFP-related patents in China has skyrocketed. Major companies have also begun to lay out LMFP, and the number of related patent applications has grown rapidly. Owning a patent gives you the advantage of priority development. In response to the performance problems of LMFP, the industry mainly improves it through carbon coating, ion doping, and nanometerization. Among them, process improvement is only a surface modification, which requires the introduction of third-party elements to fundamentally change its structure. However, the technical barriers of the second route are relatively high, and currently only a few companies have relevant patents. And Newsmy and its partners integrate industry resources and technologies. It broke through the technical barriers of layers of iron, manganese and lithium, leaped to the forefront of industry technology, and promoted the development of the entire energy storage industry.


3. Newsmy's latest S energy storage series uses LMFP batteries, which greatly improves the performance and safety of the product.

After years of research and development and repeated technical certification, Newsmy finally developed the LMFP energy storage power supply. It can be said that Newsmy has pioneered the field of energy storage power supply and broke through the technical problems that have plagued the industry for many years. As soon as the product came out, it won the favor of a large number of customers, quickly occupied the global market, and established a good reputation.




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