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Newsmy 's outdoor power supply is convenient and easy to use, and is deeply trusted by consumers at home and abroad.


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     With the proposal of the double carbon target, more and more people pay attention to the new energy track. Due to its low pollution and environmental protection characteristics, it has also received strong support from policies. With the impact of the epidemic, outdoor power supply series products have really become popular abroad. So how can we choose a real, convenient and safe outdoor emergency power supply company? Newsmy Newman outdoor power supply, easy to use and safer.


       Newsmy Group behind Newsmy Emergency Power, As a Chinese intelligent digital enterprise group with 20 major product systems, Since its establishment, it has focused on improving product quality and customer service, and now it has grown into a flagship enterprise in China's digital industry. Its banner has many product systems in the field of consumer digital products, has strong research and development capabilities, and perfect after-sales service. After 26 years of deep cultivation in the electronic and digital industry, it has successively won nearly a hundred awards from more than a dozen professional media award organizations including "Computer News", "Computer World", "Financial Times", Zhongguancun Online, Sina, Netease, etc. It has become a well-known digital brand trusted by consumers at home and abroad.


     Under the leadership of Mr. Tang in 1996, Newsmy Group was born. So far, it has been adhering to two goals, becoming a flagship enterprise in the consumer electronics industry, and becoming an international brand that makes Chinese people proud and deeply cultivated in the industry.  Newsmy energy storage power supply, after years of development, strives for survival by quality. The R&D, production and sales of products have been generally affirmed by users and the industry, and has a good market reputation. At present, Newsmy emergency power supply has accumulated rich experience in product sales. The products cover miniature series from 100 watts to 300 watts, entry-level outdoor series from 300 to 700 watts, intermediate outdoor series from 700 to 1600 watts to professional outdoor series from 1600 to 3200 watts. Job series, rich product line. The Newsmy outdoor power supply produced by it is committed to providing backup power for consumers' outdoor travel and family emergency. Its emergency power supply protects the safety of consumers to the greatest extent, and greatly reduces the risk of fire in the face of high-temperature collisions and acupuncture, which has been unanimously recognized by consumers at home and abroad.


     Newsmy Group, the manufacturer of Newsmy emergency power supply, has been based on the market management concept of user-oriented, technology, brand, channel, and service since its establishment. 26 years of deep cultivation of product quality, its founder Mr. Tang has always believed that honesty is the foundation of an enterprise, focusing on improving product safety and convenience, and only from the perspective of customers can we remain invincible in today's market place.




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