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Newsmy outdoor power supply, Safe and good power supply trusted by consumers.


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     In recent years, due to the epidemic, fewer and fewer people travel abroad. Many people prefer to choose outdoor camping. After all, it is human nature to be close to nature, and it is also a good opportunity to relax. However, whether it is a self-driving tour or camping in the wild, outdoor electricity consumption has become the biggest problem for travel friends. For this reason, Newman outdoor power supply came into being, which directly solves the problem of outdoor power consumption and ensures everyone's power demand for outdoor activities.


     As a professional outdoor power supply brand, Newman has launched many outdoor power supply products. But for outdoor activities such as camping and self-driving tours, Newman S1200 is the most cost-effective one. S1200 is a portable energy storage power system with integrated multi-function mode. It can be applied to a variety of outdoor scenes, and can also be placed indoors. It can also supply power for indoor lighting and electrical appliances during power outages. Therefore, the S1200 can also be used as a household emergency power reserve. Like this year's high temperature and limited electricity, Newman S1200 can solve the household electricity problem in time. It is easy to charge mobile electronic devices and power small appliances such as electric fans. Not only that, the Newman S1200 can also be placed in the car, which can directly supply power to 12V car electronic products such as car air pumps and driving recorders. Of course, the most important thing is that the S1200 can also be used as an outdoor emergency backup power supply to provide sufficient power when camping outdoors.   


      For consumers, the most important thing to pay attention to when choosing an outdoor power supply is its capacity. After all, outdoor conditions are limited, and only an outdoor power supply with a large enough capacity can guarantee the electricity demand for outdoor activities. The battery capacity of Newman S1200 is as high as 400000mAh, which can continuously supply power for 40W lights for 32 hours. In addition to lighting, it can also provide charging support for various digital electronic products such as mobile phones, tablet computers, digital players, and drones. It can also supply power for 220V-1200W AC appliances such as notebooks, small appliances, floor fans, and small microwave ovens. The device supports a variety of charging modes, and the device can be charged by AC, DC, solar and other charging methods. Use the supplied AC power cord to connect to the mains for charging, and it can be fully charged in as little as 1.5 hours.


       For the convenience of carrying, Newman S1200 adopts the ergonomically designed handle, which is easy and convenient to carry out without increasing the burden of travel. S1200 adopts pure sine wave output, which is stable and efficient without damaging the equipment. The S1200 uses a lithium iron phosphate battery, which can be used more than 3,000 times, which is four times that of an ordinary ternary lithium battery. Assuming that it is used once every two days, it can be used for more than 15 years, and it is safer and more durable. Newman S1200 has also made great efforts in terms of safety, such as battery overcharge protection, battery overdischarge protection, battery overcurrent protection, battery short circuit protection, input undervoltage protection, input overvoltage protection, output overload protection, output short circuit protection, output Multiple power protections such as over-temperature protection ensure the safety of power consumption for every user.


       Like outdoor sports, longing for beauty, bringing Newman S1200 will make your journey more carefree, Newsmy Newman outdoor power supply, easy to use and safer.




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