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Newsmy enters the outdoor power supply industry and creates greater glories


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      As a Chinese intelligent digital enterprise group, Newsmy has three bases in Beijing, Shenzhen and Changsha, and has as many as 20 product systems. Since its establishment, Newsmy has always adhered to the "two goals, four swords and eight harmony, and cross spirit" as the The core culture of the enterprise, and because of this, Newsmy can maintain a healthy, sustainable and stable development, growing from a small company with no background to a benchmark enterprise in China's digital industry. Newsmy's products include Internet of Vehicles products, recording pens, emergency power supplies, MP3/MP4 audio-visual products, portable driving recorders, mobile phones, USB flash drives, mobile hard drives, tablet computers, car audio-visual products, digital photo frames, educational electronic products, Bluetooth headsets, positioning In 2019, it began to enter the new energy industry, focusing on the development of outdoor power supply products.


       As an emerging industry, outdoor power supplies have a bright future. Newsmy seized the opportunity, took advantage of the trend, and quickly entered the outdoor power supply industry. According to consumer needs, it created a 100W-300W miniature series, a 300-700W entry-level outdoor series, a 700-1600W intermediate outdoor series, and a 1600-3200W professional series. Four outdoor power supply products of outdoor operation series.

      Since its establishment in 1996, Newsmy has been based on the digital industry. After years of intensive cultivation, its product innovation capabilities are second to none in the industry.


      Newsmy has always been adhering to the concept of "technology changes life". After decades of brand building, with a strong R&D team and efficient production management, Newsmy has become one of the most famous brands in China's digital industry. In addition, Newsmy has also established a complete sales channel and after-sales service outlets, and Newsmy is present in most prefecture-level cities across the country.

        With the change of the digital age, Newsmy has seized the opportunity of the change of the times, not only increasing investment in R&D and factories, but also optimizing the marketing and after-sales service capabilities of branches across the country. Through exchanges with domestic and foreign industries, Introduce more high-quality products to provide users with better services.


     Newsmy officially entered the outdoor power supply industry in 2019. With its mature technology and high-quality service, it entered the market in a short period of time and was deeply loved by consumers. And also go abroad, exported to Europe, America and Japan and other markets. With the recognition of Newsmy in the European and American markets, it has successfully established itself in the overseas market and has become a veritable international brand.



         After years of unremitting efforts, Newsmy has always insisted on quality, innovation and development, and established itself in China's digital industry by creating classic products. Newsmy's outdoor power supply is easy to use and safer, so it is recognized by the industry and loved by consumers. It has achieved Newsmy's benchmark position in the outdoor power supply industry and laid a solid foundation for the development of Newsmy's outdoor power supply.




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