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Newsmy LiFePO₄ Battery power station, practical and safer


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     Natural gas prices have soared since the European energy crisis. Therefore, the energy storage power station based on solar power generation has become an indispensable power generation equipment for outdoor households.


     After years of development, the outdoor power supply industry at home and abroad has also formed a relatively complete industrial chain and supply chain, and many outdoor power supply brands have emerged as the times require. As a well-known digital brand in China, Newsmy has taken the lead in entering the outdoor power supply industry since 2019. After three years of hard work, it has become the industry benchmark.


      The reason why Newsmy's outdoor power supply can be recognized by the market is mainly due to its safety and practicality. According to the different needs of users, Newsmy has launched outdoor power supplies with various output powers. Newsmy outdoor power supply can provide stable AC/DC voltage output, and has the advantages of large capacity, high power, safety and portability. At present, there are 100W-300W miniature series products, 300-700W entry-level outdoor series products, 700-1600W Intermediate outdoor series products and 1600- 3200W professional outdoor operation series products. The products are equipped with a variety of interfaces, which can supply power to different electronic products.


     In order to improve the safety of outdoor power supply, Newsmy outdoor power supply S1200 uses LiFePO₄ Battery. Its biggest feature is that it does not contain precious metal materials. It can withstand high temperature and has strong stability during use. In addition, it is cheap and recyclable. The service life is as long as more than 3000 times (including 80% decay times after 2000 times). If calculated according to the frequency of charging and discharging once a day, the battery can be used for 8.5 years, and once every 2 days can be used for up to 17 years. Compared with commonly used ternary lithium batteries, LiFePO₄ Battery are safer, especially during use. Ternary lithium batteries will self-heat when the temperature reaches above 180 degrees Celsius, and it is difficult to control after a fire, which is prone to accidents. The LiFePO₄ Battery material will not exotherm until it reaches 250 degrees Celsius. In addition, during the charging process, the risk of spontaneous combustion of LiFePO₄ Battery is lower than that of ternary lithium batteries, because LiFePO₄ Battery will not experience thermal runaway when the temperature reaches above 500 degrees. For ternary lithium batteries, 300 If the temperature is lower than 200 degrees, thermal runaway will occur, and some high-nickel batteries will experience thermal runaway even when the temperature is lower than 200 degrees. Therefore, when choosing an outdoor power supply, LiFePO₄ Battery are the first choice.


      The shell of Newsmy outdoor power supply is made of flame-retardant material, which is safer and more reliable. Especially in extreme outdoor environments, flame-retardant materials are safer than plastic materials. Choose Newsmy outdoor power supply, which is easy to use and safer.




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