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Newsman S series LMFP portable power station will start a new phase?


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2023COSP Shenzhen International Outdoor Exhibition has attracted a lot of attention, which also marks outdoor camping developed from minority and professionalization to nation-wide popularization.Under the new lifestyle of outdoor camping, the outdoor camping industry is booming, and the market demand for portable power station is getting stronger.


Portable power stationhas been continuously innovated and upgraded with vigorous momentum, bringing convenience to the development of all walks of life. At the same time, it is also trapped in the rat race.Industryinvolutioncan best test the brand's scientific research strength and keen insight, especially forpromoting the upgrading of production capacity against the”carbon peaking and carbon neutrality” background,each brand strives for a green and environmentally friendly ecological environment. Among many brands, NewmanS Series has successfully brokethrough and applied LMFP battery for the first time. It is committed to creating safe and efficient energy storage products for the public and providing the best carrier for safe and environmentally friendly outdoor electricity.


Is LMFP more suitable for portable power station? I believe this is the question that most people will ask. In fact, Newman as the first brand to officially release LMFP, has quietly carried out technical research formany years before the launch of the S series. This is Newman’s landmark achievement on the road to innovation, and also gives LMFP a broader market.


LMFP has become the first choice of Newman S series portable power station with its absolute advantages of high safety factor, long service life and low cost. High safety: LMFP battery has the same structure as LFP, and the material composition is silimlar, which also has high stability. However, LMFPadd manganese elements, which is more stable without affecting their safety. Long service life: The theoretical life of LMFP battery can be up to 3000 times, which is higher than that of NCM. Low cost: Only add new elements on the basis of LFP. The crystal structure is similar to LFP, with stablechemical properties and high safety properties. The added manganese element increases the charging voltage of LMFP from 3.4V to 4.1V, increasing the battery energy density by 15%-20% and extending the battery life. Therefore, compared with NCM,LMFP has higher safety and energy density.


Tesla chose LMFP from CATL, not only for safety performance, but also for the service life of the battery. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has said that he is very optimistic about the ideaof applying manganese to batteries, and Tesla has been trying. Major brands are actively exploring low-cost, high-safety and high-density batteries. Manganese based materials willbecome a hot trend in the future, because manganese has the characteristics of high density brought byhigh voltage, rich raw materials and low cost. Manganese is a major breakthrough in future battery research and development. At present, Phylion has taken the lead in realizing the industrial application of LMFP. Its performance, safety and other aspects have been verified and has beenrecognized by the market.


Newman S2400 and S3000 bothadopt LMFP battery, which can realize two-way fast charging and diversified charging modes, including municipal charging, car charging and solar charging. It is extremely convenientto charge mobile phones, computers and other digital products. The LCD display can also display the power in real time, giving users full sense of security. Newman S2400 has an AC output of up to 2400W and can be fully charged in one hour with a quick two-way charge. Compared with S2400, NewmanS3000 has a battery capacity of up to 3071Wh, a peak AC output power of 5,000 W, and a two-way fast charge only takes 1.5 hours.


Newman took the lead in using of LMFP battery, which injected stronger impetus into the development of the entire industry and also promoted the new development of the industry. Newman has always been with strong scientific research strength and perfect after-sales service, enabling the high-quality development of new energy, recording pen, jump starter, audio and video player, educational electronics, Internet of vehicles navigation and other sectors. In the future, Newman will forge ahead, deepen research and development in the field of portable power station, increase investment, and make new contributions to the market.




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