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Hunan Changsha China-Africa Economic and Trade Chamber of Commerce visited Newsmy

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    It is a great honor to invite the China-Africa Economic and Trade Chamber of Commerce in Changsha, Hunan. As a national enterprise dedicated to the field of digital products for a long time, Newsmy is known as a digital brand that is most concerned by consumers. The company group has always been adhering to the emphasis on communication and development, especially this The company attaches great importance to the opportunity of this exchange during the visit of the Chinese Economic and Trade Chamber of Commerce. So the Newsmy executives received the visiting group under the leadership of Mr. Yu as the main member.


     Once, when it comes to the brand of MP3, I think many people will think of Newsmy. In the hottest MP3 player era more than ten years ago, it carried the memories of many generations born in the 80s and 90s. It was once all the rage with its vigorous advertising. In that era, owning a Newsmy MP3 was such a cool thing. Nowadays, most people listen to music in their spare time, and mobile phones have become the most commonly used device for listening to music. In pursuit of better listening enjoyment, vinyl record players are also used. I can only sigh that the times have changed, and the wheel of history is driving the development of everything. Newsmy is no exception. Newsmy, who used to be popular all over the country with MP3 and MP4, now has products related to recording pens, mobile phones, car digital, energy storage power supplies and other products.



    First of all, President Yu of the Newsmy Group led everyone to visit the Newsmy History Museum and Product Exhibition Hall. Newsmy MP3, MP4, Newsmy recorder, energy storage power supply and other electronic products with different specifications, styles and functions. In particular, the Newsmy MP3 and MP4 brought back the full memories of the Newsmy brand that everyone pursued in that era, and everyone was drawn into the beautiful memories of youth.


    Secondly, Mr. Yu told about Newsmy 's development history and struggle history, and also gave a detailed introduction to the products displayed in Newsmy's product exhibition hall. Focused on introducing the outdoor energy storage power supply products and future development direction of Hunan Newsmy New Energy Technology Co., Ltd. Although there are only dozens of products displayed in this exhibition hall, it is Newsmy's rich historical and cultural accumulation over the years.


    Thirdly, the Changsha China-Africa Economic and Trade Chamber of Commerce follow-up delegation had a meeting and communication with Newsmy's senior management. At the meeting, the Changsha China-Africa Economic and Trade Chamber of Commerce follow-up delegation expounded their views and opinions on the African market. At the same time, Newsmy's senior management also introduced the company's strategic layout planning and market outlook for the China-Africa market.




    In the end, Mr. Newsmy Yu made a concluding statement on the exchange. Mr. Yu said: "Through the exchange of this event, the company has a deeper understanding of the African market. It has a clearer understanding of the research and development of the company's products and market positioning. Africa not only needs our new energy products, And we also need these consumer electronics, digital electronics and other products made by Newsmy in the history, thank you very much for the valuable information you provide.”





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