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Connectivity and Control Guide for Newsmy S2400 Pro Power Station with The App


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This guide provides step-by-step instructions for connecting and controlling the S2400 Pro power station using the app. The app allows you to monitor and manage various aspects of your power station, including input and output power status, energy system modes, on-grid power adjustment, and minimum power protection. Please follow the instructions below to download the app, connect your devices, and explore the control panel functions for an enhanced power management experience.

Download and Install APP

Download and install the "Wonderfree" app (For North America:  "Landbook" app ) from your desired app store. (Available on all major app stores including Apple store, Google store, Android store, etc.).

Connect Devices

 1. Application Permission Acquisition: Open the APP, and give permission to "Location" and "Nearby Devices" (the APP will give you a prompt accordingly).

 2. Open the portable power station by long pressing the power button, then press and hold the DC button on the power station for 5 seconds to enter the pairing state.

 3. Click "Add a device"-"Detect Nearby Devices" on APP to start searching for nearby devices. The device “S2400P_****” will be displayed, then click the “Add” icon to the right of the device information to match.


Control Panel and Functions

1. Input Power Status

    Real-time display of charging wattage for AC Charging Input Power/DC Charging Input Power/Solar Panel Charging Input Power


2. Output Power Status

   (1) Real-time display of discharge wattage for AC Output Power/USB Output Power/Type-C Output Power/DC Output Power

   (2) Control AC Output Power and DC Output Power by on and off button


   (3) Control LED by on and off button, switch LED modes


3. Switch "Mobile Energy System" modes

   "Others" - "Operating Mode"

    There are 3 modes to be chosen: Micro-Inverter Mode/Full Power Generation Mode/PPS Mode


4. Adjust On-Grid Power
"Others" - "On-Grid Power"

    Adjustable on-grid output power: 200W/300W/600W


5. Minimum Power Protection

   "Others" - "SOC Reserve Capacity"

    Set a value between 5% and 95%, when the power reaches this value, it will cut off the power for protection.


By following the instructions provided in this guide, you can easily connect and control your power station using the "Wonderfree" app (or "Landbook" app for North America). With the app's features and functionalities, you can conveniently monitor the power status, adjust settings, and ensure efficient power management. Enjoy the flexibility and convenience of controlling your power station wirelessly through the app, enhancing your overall energy management experience.




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