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Newsmy energy storage power supply Enters the European market

Views: 0     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2023-06-20      Origin: Site

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As Newsmy energy storage products continue to make progress in the North American market, they will gradually gain a foothold in the market. The company's global market strategy is also advancing in an orderly manner, extending from North America in the western hemisphere to the European market in the northern hemisphere. From a strategic point of view, Europe will be a battleground for new energy products. Not only because most of the developed countries are distributed here, but Europe is also the most energy-scarce place in the world. The company has always attached great importance to the market here strategically.


From June 14th to 16th, 2023, Inter solar & EES be held at the Munich Exhibition Center as scheduled. This also means that Newsmy energy storage products have officially entered the European market. We launched a new three-in-one mobile energy storage system at this exhibition. This is a brand-new upgrade following the S series products, with further improvement in function. Realized from energy storage emergency to inverter home energy storage grid system. Newsmy's LFMP energy storage has made a new breakthrough in technology, which will be a milestone development for Newsmy in the field of energy storage.

Why has Newsmy's S series products gained such strong market attention since it was put into the market? From the product itself, We not only use aluminum alloy metal shell, VA material and LED display screen, plastic and metal double battery bracket, but also use the latest manganese iron phosphate lithium battery cell while ensuring product safety, which makes the product extremely cost-effective. The comprehensive performance of the product is even better.


In terms of safety, lithium manganese iron phosphate batteries are more secure, It is a combination of the advantages of LiFePO4 and ternary batteries. While ensuring the battery cycle life, it can better withstand high and low temperatures. No matter in extremely cold regions or desert regions, Newsmy portable storage power supply is extremely suitable. In terms of charging, the power reaches 100% in about 1 hour, which greatly improves our charging and discharging time.


We believe that through our successful experience in the North American market, we can also be successful in the European market.Journey of a thousand miles,start with one step. As long as we have firm beliefs and implement our market strategic layout with conviction, our goals will surely be achieved.




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