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Fast Charging 48.75V/63A 3000W LMFP Battery 220v 50hz/60hz Portable Solar Generator for Outdoor

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  • Occasion: Outdoor Activities, Home Backup, Emergency Power Supply, Camping, Medical Rescue; Outdoor Photography, etc
  • Home: TV, Standing Fan, Laptop, Smartphones, Tablets, Breathing machine etc.
  • Outdoor: DC Fan, DC LED Lights, Small Fridge,Electric drill,Cutter machine etc.
  • Digital electronic products: Projectors, Camera, Small Blenders, Drone etc.
  • Medical Rescue:Breathing machine, CPAP.
  • Camping:Camping Lights, Car Vacuums, Car Rice Cooker,Ovens,Car Air Purifier etc.
  • S3000

  • Newsmy



3000W Solar Generator Descriptions
Build in Battery:
Optional:3071.25Wh (LMFP)/2880Wh(Lifepo4)
DC Output:
DC5521*2 12V10A
Cigaratte Port *1 12V 10A
DC5521*1 24v 5A
( MAX output power 180W)
String Battery:
48.75V  63A (LMFP)*3
AC Output:
110V50Hz/60Hz or 230V50Hz (peak 4000W)
pure sine wave
USB Output:
QC3.0*4  5v 3A ,9V 2A,12V 1.5A
Type-c Output:
PD100W *2  5-15V 3A ,20V 5A
Input power:
XT60 Port
12V - 100V( support mppt )
(1200w max )
charging time : 1 hour (AC charging + Mppt ,3300W max )
Working temperature:
Net weight:

Essential details
Inverter Type:Pure Sine WaveBattery Type:Lithium Ion
Power Source:BatteryPlug Type:EU,BR,US,JP, FR,SA,AU
Special Features:Type C, External BatteryController Type:MPPT
Model Number:S3000Brand Name:Newsmy
LED light:6WProduct name:Power Station For Home Energy Storage
Certification:FCC/CE/ROHS/PSE/UKCA/MSDS/UN38.3Warranty:2 YEARS
Recharge options:AC +DC + Type-C+Car + Solar ChargingAC output:110V-230V AC / 50HZ-60HZ
DC output:12V-24V,5A-10ABattery Capacity:LMFP 2047.5Wh / lifepo4 2016Wh
Support devices:Electric Drill/Cutter/cooker/oven/Digital electronics etcCharging time:1.5hours

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  • Q1:Why we need a Portable power station ?
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    A portable power station is designedtobe like a backup generator, but it is more smaller quieter and easier to use. It is an ideal solution to power all your essential devices and appliances for home backup or during a trip, outdoor camping such as an cellphone ,laptop , TV, electric grill, coffee maker, refrigerator, and more.
  • Q2:What's the life time for a power station?
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    Newsmy Power Station is made by LFP EV-CLASS battery with 3000 cycle times ,designed to reliably power your devices everyday for about 5-10 years.
  • Q3:How should we store and maintain the power station ?
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    1. To preserve the battery lifespan, recharge it to 100% after every use.
    2. Turn on Power Saving Mode and turn off all the buttons on power station.
    3. We recommend recharging it 100% every month.
  • Q4:Can this portable power station charged by solar panels?
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    Yes , our power station with outdoor features . Any (12V-28V) solar charger with a DC 7909 male connector can recharge our power station and it will automatically adapt the current for safe and reliable charging.


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